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M & M Gliders 2018/2019

How To Become a Glider Gymnast


Current Fundraiser: Candy Bars - Optional Individual Fundraiser

Fundraising Coordinator: Anne Smith This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  questions regarding fundraising be direct to her :)



September 3 - The Y is closed - September 4 Fall/Winter Team Starts  |  September 9 Packer Game Fundraising Ticket Scanning! 

October 12 - Free Team Sleepover -  Registration is Open - Click HERE for more information

Nov 4 - Family Day & Mini Meet - 11 am - 2 pm - Potluck- please bring a dish to pass along. This day is for your gymnast to get their jitters out before their first meet. Each gymnast will choose 1 or 2 events to perform for all of you. All gymnasts, no registration is needed.

Nov - PICTURE DAY WILL BE RESCHEDULED! Our competition Leo's won't arrive until late November. To Be Cont. WE ARE GOING WITH EAGLE PRO THIS YEAR! The photographer takes each gymnasts photo individually for their solo pose and then a pose for the team pic. (You also have the option of taking multiple single shots for a montage) Please visit: www.Facebook.com/EagleProPhoto for an idea of what your photos will look like. CLICK HERE FOR A LINK TO HIS PRICING.


2018-2019 Meet Schedule

2018/2019 Team Parent Packet  -  We are a Zero Tolerance Gym for Bullying

Emergency Contact Form

i am a gym coach